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Term 1 - Week 8: October 20th and October 24th

LATE LAB Campus Open Until 7pm - Thursday, October 23rd

  • The House on Mango Street

  • Also, Wolf Creek will be attending the play The House on Mango Street on Wed, Oct 22nd at the Park Square Theater. Sign up at the front desk to attend and pick up a permission slip.  The bus leaves at9:00 a.m.and returns at2:00.  Tickets and transportation provided by Wolf Creek.  Please bring a bag lunch or money as we will be stopping at McDonald's after the play.  See the front desk or Wolf Creek News for details.

  • Be sure to log in to your new Gmail account and email your LM today!

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Mission Statement

To provide students with a personalized and flexible online education that will prepare them for future success

Community Awareness Activity

Check out the Community Awareness Activity below and turn it in to get started on the optional elective, Community Awareness.

Constitution Day 2014 - 15

NovaNET (GradPoint) Aleks  Gizmos (ExploreLearning)
                                                                                              MN Career Information System (MCIS)                     PLATO
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